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An essential part of our day to day is to provide Microsoft Dynamics consulting services, therefore our offering also includes essential value solutions to address the processes of digital transformation: reporting, business intelligence, electronic commerce (B2B and B2C), mobility (Apps ), solutions for physical store, advanced treasury, systems integration, etc. for companies in sectors where we are leaders: engineering, construction, professional services, consulting, logistics, distribution and retail.

Adapted to the industries, market or industry of your organization

In the necessary organizational, process or technological changes, it is essential to have the right partner to address the multiple daily challenges, paradigm changes and opportunities of the environment of each organization, in order to differentiate itself from the rest of the competition and position itself in the increasingly complex markets.

When addressing any of these challenges, you will need to count on and trust a partner that can offer you the best and most efficient combination of business and technology consulting experience, a partner that offers you all the Microsoft Dynamics consulting services necessary to manage Successfully your project, as well as being able to easily deploy and adapt to the changing needs of your business.
Digital transformation projects must be approached from the business perspective Technology will only be the means to achieve the goals.

Digital transformation projects must be approached from the business perspective

Technology will only be the means to achieve the goals

One of the main core business of DEXTRA is Microsoft Dynamics business management consulting, which is based on consulting experience in sectors where we are leaders.

Obtain the most complete information of your activity across the reporting of data obtained from its different channels. The greater the ability to measure, the closer you will be to gain a competitive advantage.

The objective of the implementation should not only be to put software into operation, but to optimize and integrate business processes using information technology to make management more dynamic.

With a fast and efficient methodology, the team of consultants that executed the project is the same that provides support and maintenance, thus guaranteeing the continuity of the process.

If you are not satisfied with the service provided by your current Partner and are thinking of changing, DEXTRA can be your reliable partner for the present and future.

Count on a strategic partner such as DEXTRA, an expert in migration processes, to make your company a more competitive, flexible and efficient company.

In DEXTRA we accelerate the process of adopting the new tools, so that your organization feels comfortable and comfortable with the new technological solutions.

The continuity of the equipment is guaranteed, since in DEXTRA we assign people to clients, not projects.

As a complement to the Microsoft Dynamics consulting services required by any project, we offer services such as Microsoft Dynamics Audit: DEXTRA, as an expert on the platform, offers the possibility of analyzing the status of its implementation from various perspectives; system sizing, configuration, parameterization and optimization of your business processes, to advise you of the measures to be adopted.

When trust with your current provider disappears, we will help you continue to maintain and evolve your management system through a Partner Change.